Clients - Past & Present

Plus useful links

As a family business we started out almost 40 years ago producing brochures, research, websites, photography, artwork services, and printing/design working for a wide range of organisations such as: Boeing, Concorde (Superlative Travel promotions in national press for BA and Air France), Coinamatic, Warner-Howard, Eco-Modular, Host Carpet Care, Chromatone, Jaymart Flooring, Nexus Carpet, Wish Tower, Voke Interiors, Brintons Carpets, Maris Interiors, Wills & Gambier Furniture, R.P.Adam Ltd., ColourSource, A.Hunt and Co., Transferprints, Blake International. RGS, and many more…

In recent years we have concentrated on providing high quality photography used for PR, brochures as well as Internet websites. Listed below you will see some links to useful websites.